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Northeastern District 6

 Church of God by Faith, Inc. 

​Northeastern District, Church of God by Faith, Inc. ©

OUR MISSION...To reach all mankind through the LOVE and KINDESS of Jesus Christ by reaching out to communities, providing a family oriented atmosphere and spreading the message of hope, charity and deliverence through the gospel of Jesus Christ!........OUR VISION....We believe God has called us to reach future souls of the body of Christ. To provide a caring and structured family oriented environment, a place of worship as well as the development of spritual gifts. OUR VALUES.....We believe the process of becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ involves, Prayer, continued learning about Christian life, regular worship and participation in christian activities, and utilizing ones spritual gifts for ministry. We value the Bible as the inspired word of God from which Christians learn about God's truths. We believe in the importance of good stewardship through management of time, talents,treasures and the use of earth's resources as a sign of maturity in Christian faith. We believe that Evangelism is the role of every born again believer.

​​District Superintendent

   Dr. James O. Bivins